Our WW2 aviation event at our WW2 airport are incomplete without the activities on the ground! Because we want to display the ‘Forties’ as real as possible, a historically correct airfield is being built. Around 250 re-enactors and historically dressed people depict the daily life of the Second World War. At the camp you can experience what life at an Allied airport looked like. You will encounter pilots, bomber crews and ground personnel from both the Royal Air Force, the US Army Air Force but also the counterpart, the German Luftwaffe. In addition, the various Allied army units are well represented, such as the Airborne troops, both American, British and Canadian. The entertaining staff such as engineers, chefs, office staff and nursing staff are also abundantly present. All of these people live at the camp throughout the event and therefore take along a suitable collection of vehicles, weapons and utensils alongside tents.

Visit our event and find yourself back in 1944!

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