We invite people who portray reenactment or living history to participate in this unique event. We are going to portray a "temporary" airport as was often arranged behind the front line in WW2. That means that we are looking for flight crews, but also support staff, such as engineers, soldiers, medics, tank crew, etc, etc.

We emphasize that this airport is portrayed as historically correct as possible! This also means that not everyone is allowed to register! For example, you have a historically correct vehicle but not a correct uniform, then unfortunately you cannot participate in this event! Or you have both correct and you would like to take your wife/ partner with you which is dressed modern civilian then your Mrs. is only allowed to participate this camp as a visitor. This may sound a little strict but we try to keep the camp in a historically correct outfit as possible. Our visitors are paying for this specific experience.

Who are we looking for and who is eligible to participate in this unique event?

Reenactors Axis & Allied WW2:
- USAAF, RAF, RCAF, Luftwaffe*, and related Air Force personnel
- US Airborne, British Airborne, US Army, British Army, Canadian Army, Polish Army
Armored Division, etc.
- Living history, civilians during WW2, resistance, etc.
*German only Wehrmacht & Luftwaffe allowed

- Correct uniforms / clothing WW2, no post-war outfits!
- Tents and vehicles correctly WW2
- Remember that everything must be appropriate!
- Living History people: civilian population during WW2, resistance, correct clothing
- Vehicles must be at least WA insured!

Who are we looking for?
- Pilots, aircraft crews, ground forces, suppliers, mechanics, drivers, cooks, nurses, administrative staff, allied soldiers such as paratroopers, soldiers, etc, etc.

We would appreciate if you will bring vehicles with you which would complement this camp. We think of Jeeps, Dodges, Chevy’s, Sherman's, Ambulances, Airplane tractors, Bomb trucks, GMCs, fuel trucks, etc, etc.
Please notice, there is NO speeding or intensive driving at this camp. We put the vehicles on display to improve the appearance of the camp. It is not forbidden to drive around for showing off, but we keep this very limited due to the expected large numbers of visitors. Driving is seen more as a supplement to the scenarios that we portray during the event.
(Example: a Dodge Ambulance can bring wounded soldiers to the medic tent during the event!)

- So clearly state on your registration form what type of vehicle you are taking and what you can use to contribute to the event !!
- "Tracks" are also welcome !!
- The organization reserves the right to apply "full is full".

How do you register?
- You can download the registration form on the following link.
Please note, you can enter this digitally (on your computer) in the fields!
After digital completion, please return your mail to info@delware.company
(Please notice: registration forms in paper form won't be considered)

Click here for the registration form

All (personal) informations are used ONLY by the organization of Wings of Freedom Ede Airshow.

What do you get from the organization as a Re-enactor?
- You are part of a unique event and you are a guest of Ede for 1 week
- From Wednesday 21 August (1st lunch) to Saturday 24 August (last lunch) your food will be provided by the organization!
- Reimbursement of a part of gasoline costs (more informations later)
- Showers and sanitary facilities arranged for re-enactors.

General information for Re-enactors and Living History participants:

Structure and event
The construction of the camp will start on Monday 19 August. The event itself starts on Wednesday, August 21 from 12:00. The Buildup is therefore possible on Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 August. The Airshow is on Saturday 24 August 2019.
On Saturday, August 24, after 5 p.m. you are free to pack and leave any time.

Specify and prepare
Everyone registered for this event will be taken into our Delware Company member register. Fred Scheurwater and Bert de Jong (well-known to you all) ensure to you that together we will build and experience the most unique and exciting event of 2019.

We would love to build a extraordinary beautiful camp TOGETHER, therefore we ask you for a complete fill out in the registration form! If you have good "display" ideas, please mention them in the form! We are comfortable with our time frame for all preparations, but as earlier we know about it as earlier, we can create possibilities to bring it to life!
If we receive good ideas, we can put together a number of great scenarios to turn the visitors money into their most valuable experience.
Please check back on this website to stay ahead of current activities around this event.
People who have registered will receive a confirmation via email.

When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today.