From the 21st to the 24th of August 2019 we will commemorate all those who made the ultimate sacrifice. We will also celebrate our 75 years of freedom. The planned events will be unique, meaningful and all encompassing, cumulating in the spectacular Wings of Freedom AirShow 2019.

On the 24th August you’re invited to experience a 1944 wartime airfield. We have recreated a runway, control tower, tented camps with vehicles and personnel all in wartime dress. For the sake of remembrance and a nation’s continued humble thanks, we hope you will join us for this meaningful and magnificent celebration.


On the 6th June 1944 Allied Forces launched Operation Overlord; the long awaited invasion to free the countries of Europe from German occupation. Three months after the success of Overlord, from September the 17th to the 25th, Field Marshal Montgomery initiated the largest Airborne Assault in the history of warfare. Codename: Operation Market Garden.

Circumnavigating the Siegfried Line, Operation Market Garden was to establish the northern end of a pincher attack on the German industry in the Ruhr. Bridgeheads across the Meuse, Waal and the Lower Rhine were to be taken by Airborne Assault. Delays in securing other bridges at Son en Breugel and Nijmegen delayed the reinforcements, allowing the rallying German units time to counter attack and retake the critical last bridge of Arnhem. Market Garden had failed in its ultimate intention of ending the War before Christmas 1944.

75 years ago in Gelderland, a large number of temporary airfields and other infrastructure and logistical locations where established in support of the allied troops advance.

Aircraft Information

We have confirmed participation of a variety of rare, authentic military aircraft that flew in Gelderland during WW2. The beautiful Spitfire, P-51 Mustang, the aircraft that won the battle of Britain, the legendary Hurricane, a Boeing B-17 flying fortress, a Messerschmitt Bf 109, a Horsa glider and a C-47. During Market Garden a total of 1,336 C-47s along with 340 Stirlings were employed to tow 1,205 Horsa gliders.

As you can see we are taking extraordinary steps to ensure Wings of Freedom will be an unforgettable event. Unforgettable, just as we may never, ever, forget those who gave their tomorrow for our today.

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